Adventures in Middle Earth by the Arcane Circle

The Recruits - Training Begins

12-16-17: The Trainees (Carl Jr/Ben, Bob/Vanwahir, Carl/Beregond “Bear”, Steve/Celegrin, Shawn/Gethdrevor).

The group is gathered and introductions are made. The group is taken to a tower in the wilderness and spends the night within. They are awakened pre-dawn and introduced to their senior instructor, Master Sergeant Amlath and Corporal Galdor. Mst Sgt Amlath speaks to the recruits and introduces himself as the Senior instructor during their upcoming training “I am hard but I am fair. You will hate me but the more you hate me the more you will learn. I will lead and you will follow. I will teach and you will learn. Is that understood? I cannot hear you, it that understood!”

The group is given some basic instructions which includes basic military formations, the front leaning rest position, the pushup as punishment, and is then taken through some basic exercises. Then the group heads out for a run and into the forest for the testing of some basic wilderness skills.

The group returns to the tower, are introduced to a female Ranger (Maybeth) and establishes their base of operations for the months of their training. That evening the group is paired up (Cel and Vanwahir, Dintaure and Ben, Geth and Beregond) and the pairings keep watches throughout the night. During the last watch Dintaure feels a knife to his neck from behind and hears Maybeth’s voice. The knife leaves and so does Maybeth.

In the morning the group once again heads into the wilderness and climbs a low hill. Here the recruits receive additional training in different environment. The recruits need to learn how to work in any environment that Rangers maybe sent into. The group grows closer together due to the trials and tribulations of some of its members.

This routine continues for two weeks, after which the group is handed off to Ranger Ingold. Ingold begins to teach the group the basics of archery. After a week of archery training the group is sent on to the obstacle course. The group is given the mission of completing the obstacle course and the first to finish gets a day of rest and an additional ration of ale. During the race Bear who was in the rear goes missing, is followed by Dintaure, and then Geth. Van and Girion investigate while Cel wins the race (Hallas and Ben finish 2nd and 3rd). The trio who finished are reprimanded for continuing to run the race and not being aware of where their buddies were. Maybeth is responsible for those who had gone missing. Thus ended that lesson that no matter the situation you will always go out in pairs and know where your partner is at all times. The remainder of the week is spent with Ingold who continues to instruct the group on basic and some advanced archery skills. Dintaure is proving to have some skill and the remainder have shown they understand the basics of the bow. Bear will need additional training.

Next on the training schedule is unarmed combat which the entire cadre is involved in. The group is giving a week of basic unarmed training and then paired off to see how well they are learning. Geth is paired against Bear and does not fair well. Bear is bigger, stronger, and has a bit more training than Geth. Dintaure goes up against Ben and just overpowers him to the ground. Cel and Van face off against Girion and Hallas. This is the match that is the most involved and shows that Girion has a good bit of skill in using his hands. Girion, it is learned, was raised in the city and had to fight daily to avoid being taken advantage of. His style is very unorthodox and difficult to predict what he will do.


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